The Centre has facility for Baba lovers who travel to or via Pune for any Baba related activity. The facility is not available for any personal/ official work even of Baba lovers or members.

Accommodation at the guest-house facility is not charged. However, Baba lovers who enjoy this facility can willingly donate to the trust.

The accommodation is not open at odd-hours. Baba lovers who would like to use the facility are required to inform the Centre in advance, and only on receiving confirmation, should approach Centre to actually avail the facility, between 800 AM to 800 PM.

The Center does not have any facility for boarding/cooking.Baba lovers staying at the guest-house must carry their own food or should avail the restaurant facilities on payment basis near the Centre.

No Baba lover is allowed to stay at a stretch for more than 5 continuous days.

Any exception for the above rules has to be approved in advance by any of the trustees of the Centre.



Centre has a large collection of books by Baba and on Baba in various languages, predominantly in English. The collection includes rare volumes of Meher Messages/ Awakener and other periodicals.

The library is open only to the members of the Centre. Baba lovers can borrow books, other than those classified only as reference books, during weekly meetings of the Centre on every Monday.


Homeopathy Clinic:

Dr. Shobha of Surat runs a charitable Homeopathy clinic in Beloved Baba’s name. The clinic is open on the first Friday/ Saturday and Sunday morning of every month.


Weekly meetings:

Every week, Baba lovers gather at the Centre Hall for weekly satsang between 700 PM and 830 PM. The program contains bhajans and talk on Meher Baba.


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