In the year 1947 in the month of August, a gentlemen name Ramchandra Kanoji Gadekar came to Pune on his transfer from Sholapur. He was posted as a P.A. to the Director of Social Welfare Department in the Government of Maharashtra. Shri Gadekar was in Meher Baba’s contact since 1924 when he was a student. He was student in Pune and during long vacation he used to teach at Meherabad School. In 1928, after completing his graduation, he chose to stay in Meherabad assisting his master in the capacity of teacher in Meher Ashram School. At the end of 1928 he joined the government service. This service took him to various parts of Maharshtra (it was called Bombay Presidency then) and he stayed at places like Sangamner ,Dhule, Sholapur, Satara and Nashik before getting transferred to Pune. He had remarkable love for his Master, Meher Baba and had a deep faith in him. Out of this faith and love, it was just natural for him to talk about Baba and Baba’s greatness wherever he went and whoever he met with, without any inhibition.

We may be able to see Baba’s guiding hand in all events happening in Shri. Ramchandra Gadekar’s life. He was being made into a fine instrument in Baba’s service. Ramchandra Gadekar, as we have observed him, was a very simple man with a noble and kind heart. Baba’s love and personality has influenced him to such an extent that in his love for Baba, he used to become unconscious of his age, his social status, his post and position as a high ranking officer in the government service and would approach any Baba lover as a simple servant of his Master. During his tenure of service in Nasik and Solapur, he had run Centres for spreading Meher Baba’s name. While in Sholapur, he had made all arrangements for Baba’s visit to Solapur. That was a grand event in the history of the city of Solapur.

When he moved to Pune, he started holding gathering in his house in the area called Bhawani Peth near Pudumjee Gate. People, who were acquainted with him or who had developed some interest in Baba would assemble here on every Monday. They would sing bhajans and would listen to the talk by Gadekar on Meher Baba. Gadekar also had good voice and he had composed few touching Bhajans on Meher Baba. He also used to give regular talks at theosophical lodge in Pune at their usual gathering of intellectuals. Even during that period, he continued telling people that he met, about Meher Baba and a sizeable number of people, mostly from business communities owning footwear shops, came in his contact and through him, were drawn in Meher Baba’s orbit of love. Bapu Shaeb Shinde was one such person. He had a footwear shop in the city and was doing good business. After his contact with Gadekar, he was inspired to start weekly gatherings on Thursday evenings at his shop, Samarth leather works. L. R. Kamble was another person who was in the same business line. He also took active part in weekly programs. Mr. Balasaheb Dhawale also had a modest business. He also used to attend the weekly gathering regularly. The local Baba lovers used to refer to this trio of Shinde, Kamble and Dhawale as Brahma- Vishnu-Mahesh, due to their unflinching dedication to Baba. Through Bapusaheb Shinde and Kamble, many footwear shop-owners were drawn in Baba’s fold such as Pote, Pakhare, Gadre and many more.

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