kkrOne of the founders of Avatar Meher Baba Poona Centre, Mr. K K Ramkrishnan  (who retired from the Army services joined Pune Baba lover group in the year 1953) was appointed the Secretary of the centre by Beloved Baba and held this position until his death April 29, 2008 when was about 84.

At a young age, he left his home in Kerala and joined the armed services. During the Second World War, he was posted in Malaysia and Burma. He came down to Poona to work in the ammunition factory. He first read about Baba in Lokmanya Tilak’s seminal book “Geeta-rahasya”. He had a natural affinity to the spiritual literature and in his earlier days, was greatly influenced by J Krishnamurthy, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Vivekananda and Raman Maharshi. He first saw Baba on the Poona station platform when Baba was about to board the train for the Andhra tour. Baba’s beauty made an indelible impression on His mind. With Baba’s grace, He soon became obsessed by Baba, His words and His work. He decided to dedicate His remaining life to spread Baba’s message of love and truth. He sought Baba’s permission to begin work for Baba’s centre at Pune. Baba not only allowed him to begin the project but monitored and guided its execution till the project was completed. KKR had also requested Baba’s presence for the inauguration of the Centre’s hall on May 1, 1964. One of the rare fortunes for any centre to be inaugurated at the hands of the Lord Himself! One year later, on the first anniversary of the centre Baba came here again to give darshan to hundreds of His lovers.

KKR played a significant role in the making of the centre and later, in the world of Baba literature, through various publications he brought out through the centre. He has edited various books on important spiritual themes explained by Beloved Baba at various points in time by compiling Baba’s words related to this theme in a single book. Some of the major compilations are: Meher Baba on Love, Meher Baba on War, The advancing stream of life and the Secrets of Sleep. In today’s world of computers, digitization and internet, this may appear simple but imagine painstakingly going through different volumes of Meher Message, Baba Journals and Baba books and then typing it down on a manual typewriter!

He was known for His analytical, insightful and rational approach to Baba. He was absolutely particular about upholding Baba’s supreme status through one’s talks and writings about Baba. He also brought out two books on the lives of Baba’s perfect masters Sai Baba and Hazarat Babajan, and paid tributes through books to some of the distinguished lives of close Baba disciples such as Dr. Ghani, Patil Kaka, Francis Brabazon and Baba’s sister, Mani.

In 1994, he had an inner urge to re-activate the Universal Spiritual Centre that Baba had initiated in Bangalore in 1939. He mobilized the resources to bring the Byramangala project to its current shape. For his entire life after dedicating his life to Baba, he remained focused only on Baba. He read only about Baba and was never interested in any other things. He never married and sought pre-mature retirement from service to fulfill his commitments in Baba work. He used to reside at the centre.

In 1999, he had the opportunity to travel to the US and also visit the Sufism Re-oriented group, with which he had a special relationship. Probably, both were impressed by each other’s work. He really had an inspiring life! Our salute to such a dedicated incredible personality! 

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