Every year, Centre holds special programs on the following significant events of Meher Baba’s life:



On the first of every month, dhuni is lit. Many Baba lovers are not able to travel to Meherabad on 12th to take part in the dhuni program. The dhuni at the centre is certainly not a substitute to the Meherabad dhuni but gives Baba lovers a feel of particpation in the dhuni program.


Birthday Celebration:

Baba’s birthday is celebrated for a week starting February 19th till February 25th.Baba Premis from Pune Centre perform various programs.


Silence Day:

A special Silence Day program is held on July 9th. On the day of silence on July 10, Baba films are shown and Baba lovers spend major time of the day in Baba’s company.


New Life Day:

A special program is held to commemorate commencement of Baba’s New Life on October 16.


Satara Accident Anniversary Day:

A group of Baba lovers from Pune travels every year on December 2 to Udtare, the site of accident of Meher Baba near Satara, to offer their gratitude to the Avatar for the immense suffering He invited upon Himself for the benefit of the humankind. They also normally visit the Panchgani Cave.


May 1

Centre celebrates anniversary of its opening day on May 1 every year.



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