Sr. NoName of the BookPrice
1 The Advancing Stream of Life Rs.20
2 Meher Baba on Love Rs.20
3 Meher Baba on Love (Enlarge) Rs.100
4 Meher Baba on the problem of Sex Rs.30
5 Meher Baba on War Rs.50
6 Three Talks on Meher Baba Rs.8
7 Who is Meher Baba ? Rs.45 
8 Why Meher Baba is called The Avatar of the Age ? Rs.7 
9 Twenty years with Meher Baba  
10 Meher Baba on God-Realization  
11 Meher Baba on Inner Life Rs.25
12 Sahavas: In the Company of God - Old Rs.12
13 Sahavas: In the Company of God -New Rs.50 
14 Significance of Silence Meher Baba Observed  
15 The Day of Silence Rs.8
16 Questions Meher Baba Answered Rs.25 
17 Hazrat Babajan Rs.45 
18 In Search of Reality Rs.7 
19 The Secret of Sleep Rs.25 
20 Sai Baba - The Perfect Master Rs.35 




Sr.NoName of the BookPrice
21 Revelation of Divinity Rs.15
22 A Journey Ends Rs.7
23 What is God ? Rs.20
24 Live in the Awareness of God's Truth  
25 Meher Baba : My Companion & True Friend Rs.5
26 Meher Baba (Breif Life) Rs.4 
27 Meher Darshan In Tears of Joy Rs.4 
28 Gift of Love Rs.45
29 Universal Oneness of Devine Love Rs.30 
30 Sambhavami Yuge Yuge (Marathi) Rs.200



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