ambpc11In 1922, Meher Baba and His followers established their camp at the "Manzil-e-Meem" (House of the Master) in Bombay (now Mumbai). There Baba began His practice of demanding strict discipline and obedience from His disciples. A year later Baba and His Mandali moved to an area a few miles outside Ahmadnagar in a discarded army camp that was later named "Meherabad" (Meher flourishing).This ashram would later become the center for His work. In 1924, Meher Baba created a unique residential school at Meherabad that He named the "Prem Ashram". The school was open to all castes and faiths, was free of cost and drew students from around India and Iran. This school aimed to create spiritual values and outlook in its students. A free dispensary and hospital with shelter and food for the poor was also started.

“Mastery in Servitude” had become the prominent theme of Meher Baba’s early life at Meherabad. Tirelessly He and His disciples served the poor,the sick, the outcasts and the mentally disturbed. Then and throughout His life the master personally cared for those in need.He washed the feet of lepers and bowed down to them saying, “I bow down to the God in each one of you.” He cleaned the latrines of the untouchables.He was not an educationist or reformist in a worldly sense but whatever He did as the Avatar, naturally had lasting impact on the world and humanity.

On 10 July 1925, Meher Baba began observing silence, which He maintained for a period of nearly forty-four years. His silence was not undertaken as a spiritual exercise, since He was Perfection itself. Rather, it was a limitation that He assumed for the benefit of all creation. In 1926, He stopped writing and never used a pen other than for signing any legal documents. For many years, He "spoke" to others by pointing to letters on an alphabet board which a disciple would read out.In 1954, however, He gave up the alphabet board, communicating thereafter through His own system of hand gestures unique and beautiful in its expressiveness.

The six-year span from 1931 to 1937 was a period of world travel, during which Meher Baba visited Europe ten times, America thrice, and China and the Far East. On His first trip to England in 1931, He traveled on the SS Rajputana, the same ship that was carrying Mahatma Gandhi, who was sailing to the second Round Table Conferencein London. Baba and Gandhi had three meetings onboard, including one that lasted for three hours. While some of His visits to the West drew press coverage and fanfare, His purpose in coming to the West, as He explained at the time, was "not with the object of establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organizations" but rather "to make people understand religion in the true sense."

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