Address:765 Dastur Meher road ( Butler Mohalla), Near Dorabji hotel , camp, Pune 411001

Year & Date: 1919




bh frontviewPurchased in 1919 by Sheriarji, Baba’s father. Meher Baba spent his early life here. After being kissed by Babajan, he was made conscious of his divinity and underwent lot of agonizing experiences, because he was getting spiritual experiences of the subtle and mental worlds, yet maintaining the gross body.

The pain, at times would be so unbearable that Merwan would bang his head on the stone in one of the rooms, so powerfully that his forehead would start bleeding. He would cover his wounds on the forehead with a cloth. So that nobody would know. This stone is preserved and can still be seen in the room even today.




Worshipped universally in years to come….(1963) (Lord Meher page 4909)

“Man realizing God is like a drop of water swallowing the ocean – no less! When after the kiss from Babajan I knew that I was the Ocean. I did not want to come back to the ordinary ‘drop’-consciousness from that blissful state where alone I was. But despite my resistance, the five Perfect masters kept ‘Pulling me down’ to ordinary consciousness for my destined manifestation as Avatar; and during the ‘tussle’ I use to knock my forehead on a stone in my room at home, during the nine months before Upasani Maharaj brought me down to normal consciousness. Much blood had flowed from my head on to that stone which is still in the room as it was then, and which will be worshipped universally in years to come”- Meher Baba


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                                                                                                             View - Inside Baba’s room


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