Address: 24B Bombay Poona Road,Pune.

Year & Date: 1956 to 1957



The Gadekar family was residing in the bungalow located on the Bombay Poona road. Avatar Meher Baba frequently visited the house during His travel between Mumbai and Pune by car. Irene Conybeare, an English disciple of Baba, who was writing her book "Civilization or Chaos", wanted to stay with an Indian family. Baba asked her to stay with the Gadekar family in this House for one month. On February 6th, 1956 Avatar Meher Baba gave darshan to Wing Commander Manohar Sakhare and his wife Mona for the first time as per request of Irene Connybeare in this house. As per Baba’s instructions, only Sakahres, Irene Connybeare and Ramachandra Gadekar were present on the occasion and the other family members, though they were in the house, were not allowed to see Baba. At present the office of the Fisheries department, Government of Maharashtra is located in this premise.


         bombay pune road bungalow1              bombay pune road bungalow2               bombay pune road bungalow3                                                                        


       Front View of Bungalow                 Verandah where Baba used to take a walk                  Entrance as it looks today

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