Address:Deccan College Road, Yerwada, Pune - 411006.

Year & Date : December 1911 till 1914




deccan currentThe Deccan College in Pune is the third oldest educational institution in the country. The College was established out of the endowment - ‘Dakshina Fund’, started by Khanderao Dabhade, a Maratha Sardar. Subsequently, Peshwas continued funding it for propagating learning. The institution was established out of this fund and was given status of an institution named as the ‘Hindu College’ on 6th October, 1821 (Vijayadashami day) by Mount Stuart Elephantine, the then Governor of Bombay Presidency. Land for campus was donated by Bombay Government and foundation stone of the main building was laid on 15thOctober, 1864, and the College was renamed as Deccan College in recognition of the enrolment of students from the entire Deccan region.

Merwan joined this College in Dec 1911 and studied till 1914.

     Building where Baba studied – As it looks today

The building shown in the pictures was built in 1905 and had two classrooms on the sides and a staff room in the center. This is the place where classes were held when Baba was studying in the College. Baba used to come to College on a bicycle from his home. He was a student in this College when Hazrat Babajan kissed Him on the forehead and made Him aware of His Divinity.


        classroom1             classroom2              museum


                                                                           Present view of classrooms where Baba must have attended classes


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