Address: 399 , Saraswat colony, Somwar peth, Pune

Year & Date: April 1957 - May 1964




Regular weekly Baba meetings of the Poona Centre were held at this place since April 1957. The house was occupied by the Mudaliar family. On 8th of June 1957, Baba paid a visit to this place. During His visit the hall was overflowing with newcomers when Baba arrived, and the center workers had to stand outside. Sadashiv Patel garlanded Baba, Ramchandra Gadekar delivered a short welcome address and Madhusudan sang a ghazal .Baba noticed that the Centre's workers such as Ramakrishnan, Shinde, Kamble, Bhikaji Dhavle, Pratap, the Thade and Bundellu families, and others were outside. He stated: "I am happy to see that some of my workers are standing outside the hall doing their assigned duties and are not anxious for my darshan. I want my workers to be like this. I am very happy. I have created the atmosphere here as you desired. Now it is for you to work in harmony with one another and maintain it. You have my blessings."(1957) (Lord Meher page 4181)

Regular weekly meetings were held at this place till the construction of the present building of the Centre, at 441/1 Somwar Peth, Pune in 1964.


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