Address: St Vincent Street, Near Babajan Shrine, Camp, Pune, MH 411001

Year & Date : 4rth January 1909 till 1911




A well known English medium school run by Catholic missionaries. Merwan studied here from 4th January 1909 till 19th November 1911.Prior to this, when He was  five years old, He was taken to the Dastur Girls' School, where He learned to read and write Gujarati and the rudiments of arithmetic. At the age of nine, He was sent to the Camp Government English School, where He studied for  five years. Then He went to St Vincent's High School, considered to be the best school in Poona. From that school He matriculated in 1911 at the age of seventeen.He was a bright student having natural leadership qualities. He participated in athletics and won prizes. He joined the cricket team of the school and became a good wicket keeper.He was interested in poetry of Hafiz, Tukaram and Ramdas, as well as English poets Wordsworth, Shelley and Shakespear.He was also fond of reading detective novels of Sherlock Holmes. He composed poetry in Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Persian under the pen name “Huma”. Merwan established The Cosmopolitan club in an adjacent building. 


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                                                                               Current photos of St Vincent High School


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