Address: Rahul Cinema, Shivajinagar, Pune

Year & Date: 14th Jan 1958




As requested by Poona Baba Lovers, Meher Baba agreed to give a public darshan on 14th January 1958, the Makar Sankranti Day. This darshan program was held at open ground near the Poona Meteorological Observatory, Ganeshkhind Road. Baba arrived at 8 am and started distributing Prasad of til-gul (a sesame seed sweet prepared from jaggery) with both hands to thousands of His lovers who had gathered from all over India to have His Darshan. The program was originally scheduled only up to that morning, but it continued until six o'clock in the evening to give an opportunity to every lover attending the programme to receive the prasad from His hands. This was the first mass darshan Baba had ever given in Poona. Subsequently on this ground Rahul Cinema was constructed.


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