Address: Silver Oaks, 3 Salisbury Park Road, Near Golibar Maidan, Pune (Exact location not found)

Year & Date: 11th Dec 1956 to 12 Feb 1957




On Dec 2nd 1956, Baba and some of His mandali met with a car accident at Udtara near Satara, and were seriously injured. Dr Nilakanth Godse (Nilu), one of the Baba’s mandali, died on spot. Baba was bathed in blood, his tongue was torn, his right hip bone fractured, and he had abrasions on his forehead, nose, cheeks and legs. Later, Baba underwent treatment at Satara. On the morning of 10th December, He was taken by ambulance to Poona for further treatment and was kept in Dr. Bansod's nursing home at Jangli Maharaj Road. After a short while, Baba expressed that he did not like staying in Dr. Bansod's nursing home. Therefore, Meherwan Jessawala and Meherjee hurried to find a suitable house in Poona. They procured a small, quiet bungalow named “Silver Oaks” near Meherjee's bungalow, on rent. Baba was taken there on December 11th. Meher Baba recuperated here and on Feb 12th 1957, He was shifted to Meherazad for further recovery and rest.


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