Address: Taljai hill, Sahakar Nagar,Near Muktangan Society, Pune

Year & Date : 1949





As Baba wanted to relax after strict seclusion in Meherazad just before entering New Life, on 16th of July 1949, Baba arrived in Poona with Kaka, Gustadji and mast Ali Shah. Eruch had rented Rao Bahadur Thube's bungalow, situated behind Parvati Hill as it satisfied Baba's conditions of a secluded house and large open land around for taking walks. Next morning, Eruch arrived with the mast Keshav living opposite Poona railway station near Green Hotel, at a public urinal. Baba wanted to bathe the mast but the mast refused uttering "I am your beta" – (son), I won't allow you to touch my feet”. After a lot of persuasion the mast allowed Baba to pour a little water over his feet as he sat in the jeep. He then became mild, and Baba gave him tea, milk and bread. The mast asked for one rupee and a warm coat, and these too were given to him. Baba then worked with him in seclusion in the jeep and sent him back to his abode. During His stay Baba also contacted other masts. Baba also visited the nearby Taljai temple, asked the Mandali to stand outside on four corners with their back to the temple and performed prayers inside. Baba stayed in this Bungalow till 24th of July 1949.




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